About Us

Dale C. EisenmanDale C. Eisenman is President and Broker in Charge of Midcoast Properties, Inc., and is a licensed real estate broker in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. In addition to being a professional pilot early in his career, Dale has practiced law, owned and operated several small businesses and has been an active commercial real estate investor for over 20 years. He now specializes in the self-storage industry both as a self storage investor and as a self-storage broker. As a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), Dale brings a unique level of real world experience, knowledge and negotiation skills to each client relationship.


Michael Morrison has been a licensed agent in South Carolina since 2006 and is a memMichael Morrisonber of the Central Carolina Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of Realtors.  He is also a broker in Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia.  Prior to joining Midcoast Properties, he worked with Re/Max in both residential and commercial real estate, receiving Rookie of the Year for all of South Carolina Agents in 2010, and was top three in the nation first year sales for 2010.  Michael is a native of South Carolina, growing up in Blythewood, South Carolina.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of South Carolina.  He currently owns two self storage facilities which enhances his knowledge and understanding of our industry. Michael can be reached at 803-600-0602 or michael@midcoastproperties.com.


Mary T. SchuetteMary T. Schuette joined Midcoast Properties in September, 2007, as an assistant to Dale C. Eisenman. She is a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina and South Carolina, and has a BS in Business Administration. Prior to joining Midcoast Properties, Mary was a real estate paralegal. Her knowledge of the closing process allows her to assist clients from the initial stages of listing the property through closing.


“Dale is really the only broker I have ever worked with, maybe one or two over the years, but Dale is much more knowledgeable in the self storage industry.

Right before the economic downturn a deal wasn’t about to close, because of Dale’s knowledge of financing and the self storage industry, he salvaged the deal.

“He has a lot more knowledge than other brokers and a lot more knowledge about financial institutions than any other broker. Dale has good insight, if he learns about something in the industry he lets his clients know via e-mail.
“Dale is very good at what he does, I always have a good experience working with him and he could not do anything any better.”

F. McCleod

“I have worked with Dale and only Dale for 6-7 years; I have been on the buying side and on the selling side. In any and each case Dale was working for me. He is professional, straight forward, kept propriety information and treated everyone professionally.

I have been on multiple sides and have never seen Dale more favorable, he is continually steadfast, timely in his assistance and always willing to find more information.

Even today as I do not have an active interest in buying or selling Dale is there, responsive, always asking what he can do for me. Both he and Mary are helpful, they do so much work pro-bono. Even if there is no transaction Dale is helpful, assists you and is professional.
Dale is always there for you as a client, if you have a question he is responsive, if you need analysis he will get it for you.

In addition, Dale’s marketing materials are very helpful, very beneficial to me.”

C. Chase

“You meet Dale and right away you feel like you have known him forever, his personal and professionalism blend beautifully. Dale is the most knowledgeable broker, and he knows Self Storage!

Dale is not like any other broker, he keeps a client forever. He is always there to help you. He is there to help you crunch numbers, think through things with you. He is honest and a professional partner… you feel as if he has adopted you.

We have bought and sold with Dale, when he has both the buyer and the seller he looks out for both.

We did a thorough search to find a broker when we went to sell in 2004, we shopped for commercial brokers, and it was a slam dunk when we met Dale. We connected with him right away; he is a cut and a level above all the other brokers. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional and has a great personality.”

S. Kelley

“Dale is more knowledgeable than any other broker I have worked with, he has more knowledge about the specifics of self storage. I can call Dale with questions about the industry even if I do not have anything actively going on.

My business partner and I use Dale’s counsel to find out what is going on in the industry. I like Dale’s marketing materials, I like to read what others think about the industry, especially from someone like Dale who I trust. “

B. Leonard

Thanks again for the terrific job you did marketing our three Atlanta-metro properties. We could not be more pleased – or impressed. We were amazed at your success.

You conduct your business with much greater “professionalism” than any other person I have ever worked with. By your actions and diligence, you not only “raise the bar” for professionalism, but you really bring a higher standard to the definition of the term.

F. Lott